Best History Podcasts Right Now – November 2019

history podcasts november 2019

Best History Podcasts Right Now – November 2019

Looking to buff up on your history knowledge? We feel you. There are a ton of history podcasts out there, but what are the best ones right now? With the NoteCast app, you can learn more from history podcasts because of the note-taking ability. Take advantage of these features, and start listening to the best history podcasts, as of November 2019.

The History Chicks

Two women, Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, introduce listeners to women who played significant roles throughout history. This history podcast is factual, entertaining, and leaves us feeling a little bit smarter with every episode. The History Chicks is for those who appreciate great research and cold hard facts.

History Unplugged Podcast

Are you looking for a historical podcast with a balance? More specifically, between historical analysis and discussion alongside interviews with experts? There’s an excellent range of topics, providing listeners with a broad array of listening options and an opportunity to learn a depth of knowledge.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Philosophers have played pivotal roles throughout history, shaping thought, cultural ideas, and even science and religion during their lifetimes. History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps is hosted by Professor Peter Adamson of King’s College. Expect to learn quite a bit about well and lesser-known philosophers through history.

The Classical Ideas Podcast

Written history tells us of the substantial role religion has played in cultures, cities, social norms, politicals, and even in conflicts. The Classical Ideas Podcast discusses world religions, their histories, and the ways in which they can inform our interactions with the world. If you like learning about religions and history, this podcast is for you.

The Inside Winemaking Podcast

Your first impression of this podcast probably isn’t that it’s about history. Look, or drink, a little deeper folks. Wine is one of the most culturally rich beverages. To understand history, looking at wine-making is an excellent option for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge of this delicious beverage. Expect to learn about wine-making, expertise, and history in The Inside Winemaking Podcast.

15 Minute History

This podcast, presented by graduate students at The University of Texas, examines historical moments and movements in 15 minutes or less. If any of us are being honest, history doesn’t always feel approachable; this podcast bridges the gap between those interested in history and harder-to-process moments in time. We highly recommend 15 Minute History.

Continue Learning with These History Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge of history. We recommend checking out the above history podcasts to invigorate your love of all things history.

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