Funny Podcasts for Those Needing a Laugh – October 2019

funny podcasts october 2019

Funny Podcasts for Those Needing a Laugh – October 2019

Are you in need of a tummy-aching, rolling on the floor, can’t say a word without giggling kind of laugh? We sure are! Listening to funny podcasts is a great way to get the endorphin boost you’re looking for. With these funny podcasts, by comedians and storytellers, you’re sure to find yourself cracking up.

Office Ladies

The ladies of the hit TV show, The Office, have combined forces to bring you behind-the-scenes comedic play-by-plays of The Office episodes. Hosts Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey are irresistibly funny and bring new life to a show we all love. This new podcast won’t disappoint.

Giving Up Less

Comedian Lauren Ash brings us this hilariously relatable funny podcast. She sits down with her friends and they tell stories they “probably shouldn’t tell.” Get ready for some funny, cringe-worthy, and entertaining stories from this new podcast.

Hyperbrole: A Comedy Advice Podcast

Need advice? Want it to be a little bit helpful and a lot funny? This podcast is a must-listen. Hosts Stephen and Anthony discuss self-help, getting inspired, and even daily tasks and routines. Get excited for some hilarity. This funny podcast is a breath of fresh air.

The Jackie and Laurie Show

Seasoned comedians, Jackie Kashian and Laurie Kilmartin, host this funny podcast. If you like serious wit paired with insight on current events and culture, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Perfect for your morning commute!

#DateFails w/ Kate Quigley

We’ve all been on a date that was downright absurd and embarrassing. Usually, we keep these stories to ourselves. Host Kate Quigley does just the opposite. Her and her guests share their “worst date fails.” If you’re in need of a confidence boost due to a bad date, or just want to laugh at the unfortunate experiences of others, tune into this podcast now.

Time to Laugh with These Funny Podcasts

Ready to break out into some serious laugher?

We are too! Any of these 5 podcasts will help get your giggles started, so be careful where you listen to them!  You can find all of these hilariously funny podcasts on the NoteCast app. If you hear a joke or comment you love, you can save it forever!