Learn to Invest & Save With These Money Podcasts

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Learn to Invest & Save With These Money Podcasts

Working your way towards financial wellness can feel overwhelming. Rather than struggle, why not turn to the resources in your pocket? Learn to invest and save with these money podcasts.

Work Your Wealth

Work Your Wealth aims to make financial planning accessible. In a world where anything money-related can feel complicated by rates, verbiage, and contracts, host Mary Beth Storjohann makes it feel comfortable. From negotiation to financial organization and retirement, this is one of the money podcasts you want to add to your playlist.

The Money Nerds

Host Whitney Hansen aims to make building wealth approachable. Expect informative interviews, featuring real people who are crushing the financial game. If you’ve been looking for a money podcast that’s informational and entertaining, The Money Nerds is for you.

The Side Hustle Show

Have you always wanted to start and grow a successful business?

The Side Hustle Show is an excellent place to start. The show features the stories of entrepreneurs. Expect to learn strategies, avenues to new gigs, and tips from the experts. There’s also a “Blogging Mixtape” and a “Freelancing Mixtape,” both spinoffs of the Side Hustle Show if you’re up to diving into some extra information.

Bad with Money

Comedian and author Gaby Dunn brings us Bad with Money. This podcast explores the relationship between finances and social justice. This new perspective enables listeners to better understand the political system, activism, and even ourselves (the ones who are bad with money, that is).

Afford Anything

Want to learn more about how to balance your life, time, and money? Afford Anything is a money podcast about achieving this balance. If you’re sick of trading your precious time for money, host Paula was too. Learn more about investing, financial freedom, and passive income by listening to this podcast.

Stacking Benjamins

This award-winning podcast is published 3 days a week. Covering everything from saving, debt and risk, hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and OG, conduct interviews, discuss credit strategies, and even play financial trivia. Stacking Benjamins aims to “keep things light” but informative, making this a valuable podcast for those new to the financial world.

Millennial Money

Hosts Shannon and Jeff Game want to help you achieve financial freedom. From student loans to credit card debt, this duo covers it all. If you’re looking for a motivational and financial jumpstart, this Millennial Money is helping listeners everywhere.

Smart Passive Income

Have you ever wanted to establish a steady stream of passive income? Many of us do, but we have no idea where to start. Pat Flynn hosts Smart Passive Income and gives listeners tips, tricks, and strategies to start and establish a thriving source of passive income. Additionally, listeners will hear inspiring interviews and dive into all things internet marketing.

Money Podcasts: A Roadmap to Financial Success

If you’re seeking to broaden your scope of financial knowledge, actively looking to invest, or are seeking sources of passive income, these money podcasts are a great way to start. Even if you’re new to financial planning, these podcasts and hosts make money feel approachable, and financial wellness more achievable.

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