Listen to Podcasts? How to Choose The Best Podcast Player

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Listen to Podcasts? How to Choose The Best Podcast Player

No one could have predicted the growth or popularity of podcasts. According to a recent survey, about 1/3 of millennials listen to podcasts every single day. If you listen to podcasts though, you should consider your needs and how to choose the best podcast player for you.

Who are Podcast Listeners? Where are They Listening?

If you want to choose the podcast player that’s right for you, it’s essential to consider your listening habits.

Key Functions

Your podcast player must be compatible with your devices. Find an application that works on iOS or Android. Even better, find an app that’s accessible on desktops and mobile devices.

If you listen to podcasts often, you’re probably always looking for podcast recommendations. Finding a podcast player with a searchable and organized category section is a must-have.

The Podcast Community’s Listening Habits

When it comes to podcasts, listeners have a variety of needs. Almost 70% of listeners agree that podcasts contribute to their intellectual growth. For others, entertainment is the focus. Based on which group you fall into, you might need more or less functionality from of your podcast player app.

Many people, about 1/3 of them in fact, listen to podcasts while at work. If you’re one of them, you should consider choosing a podcast player with easy-to-use functions. Other podcast listeners use their morning and evening commutes to listen to podcasts. In this case, your podcast player needs to delivery clear sound, voice and touch commands, and a categories section so you can discover new shows.

For those who travel, a versatile player is essential. Do all of its features work at 30,000 feet? Is there an archive of sorts to organize your insights offline?

Additionally, those who live active lifestyles tend to listen to podcasts while crushing their workouts. Again, a podcast player with voice commands is vital because touch functions will disrupt your routine.

When considering the options for podcast players, it’s important to understand where and how you listen to podcasts. You should also consider paying for a subscription if it unlocks features you find valuable.

NoteCast is a Versatile Podcast Player App

With all of the needs and habits of podcast listeners in mind, EX-IQ developed NoteCast. Regardless of when, where, and why you listen to podcasts, NoteCast is becoming the go-to podcast player for every listener.

This is Why You Should Choose NoteCast

Listeners can speed up and slow down playback, catering their listening experience to their specific needs. Using voice and touch commands, NoteCast makes multitasking a reality. Whether you’re at work, the gym, or traveling, you can use NoteCast hands-free. It’s also Bluetooth compatible.

The best part of this podcast player?

The ability to capture snippets of what you’ve heard. When prompted by listeners, NoteCast transcribes what you’ve heard and saves it as a digital note. Then, listeners can add their own notes and tags. The ability to transcribe snippets, take notes, and organize your insights allow for further learning.

For those who value productivity, NoteCast is a game-changer. From simple hands-free functions to creating a library of your insights, it’s making podcasts more digestible and the knowledge you’ve gained from them more accessible.

Listen to Podcasts? Consider Using NoteCast as Your Podcast Player App

If you find that functionality and adaptability are a necessary part of your everyday life, you need those qualities in your podcast player as well. If you enjoy podcasts, NoteCast is the best podcast player for you.

You can learn more about NoteCast here.