These Podcasts are Creating Spooky Halloween Content – October 2019

spooky halloween podcasts october 2019

These Podcasts are Creating Spooky Halloween Content – October 2019

It’s October, and there’s something brewing. No, we’re not talking about witches’ brew. But we are referring to the spooky Halloween content that many podcasts are putting out this month. Get into the festive fall mood with specials from these podcasts.

2 Girls on A Bench

This writerly duo is wonderful, and their energy is contagious. This month, they’re featuring spooky Halloween-themed content. Tune into their #AllTheHorror episodes, and get yourself into the mischevious fall mood. You won’t regret tuning into this podcast.

What’sHerName Podcast

This women’s history podcast is always intriguing, as it highlights women in history we should all know about, but they’ve also released a fall theme episode. Check out their episode titled “The “Witch” – Mother Shipton.”

Nature Finds a Way

This podcast examines books, movies, and TV, seeking to explore the ways in which nature conquers, grows, and yes, even terrifies. They’ve released a serious of spooky episodes, catering to our desire to know and understand the world around us. From carnivorous plants to vampire bats, dive into their newest episodes now.

Textual Tension

Romance novels are hilarious, entertaining, and sometimes get a little dark. This October, the co-hosts of the show are featuring a bonus spooky episode on top of their regular releases. Check it out!

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