Best Criminal Podcasts Right Now – October 2019

best criminal podcasts

Best Criminal Podcasts Right Now – October 2019

The rise of podcasts has lit a fire under those who love true crime. If you’re fascinated and equally terrified by true crime, you’re probably enjoying and constantly looking for the best criminal podcasts. Here are a few of the best criminal podcasts right now, as of October 2019.

Best Criminal Podcasts

Missing and Murdered in the Midwest

Think small towns and pair that with some of the most chilling disappearances. Host Toria Wilson, of 8 News, conducts interviews and does research surrounding the murder of Adrianne Reynolds. The victim, a 16-year-old girl, and her story have resurfaced as her killers appeal for early release.

Listeners find Missing and Murdered in the Midwest “well-researched and fascinating.”

Criminal Prints

Fingerprints. This technology, among others, has helped bring justice to millions who have been victims of criminal activity. This podcast, published weekly, focuses on crime scene analysis and evidence to tell the stories of those who have vanished, been killer, or were abducted.

Murder Made Me Famous

What attracts listeners, authors, and TV viewers to a certain criminal? This podcast explores this, examining just how and why certain masterminds keep us coming back for more. Crime reporter Steve Helling dives into archived material and old interviews in an attempt to understand the most twisted minds and why we’re fascinated by them.

The Murder in My Family

We always hear about the crime. About the criminal. This criminal podcast is different, however, as it explores the perspective of the victim’s family. As a society, we know these individuals are an extension of the victim, but their stories are often shed from public view for obvious reasons. This podcast reminds one of the vulnerabilities that crimes expose, the effect crime has on families and communities, and the ways in which we can be more sensitive to families affected by criminal activity.


They say that perpetrators choose their victims. Victimology explains what this concept is, as well as the psychological effects that crimes have on their victims in the long-term. Too often, we hear of the crime, but not the aftermath. Victimology demands that listeners understand the scope and effect that criminal activity can have on victims, their loved ones, and even their communities.

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