Start Your Day with Inspirational Podcasts

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Start Your Day with Inspirational Podcasts

Your daily obligations, work, kids, and even extra-curricular activities can dampen your inspiration at times. Starting your day with inspirational podcasts is a great way to continue your journey of personal growth.

The Importance of Self-Care

Over 60% of those with full-time jobs will experience work-place burnout this year. Additionally, many more will be diagnosed with some type of anxiety disorder.

The questions is, why? And how?

We live in a world where self-care isn’t a priority. Far too often, our obligations pull us away from the valuable reflective time we need in order to maintain a consistent level of happiness and health.

In fact, self-care is so important that those who regularly practice self-care are less likely to experience chronic illness, be diagnosed with depression, and even raise more self-conscious kids.

Practicing self-care looks different for everyone. In a time when life is busy, and digital mediums are more available than ever, listening to podcasts is a great way to find inspiration, motivation, and feel more grounded.

Why Listen to Inspirational Podcasts?

The best part about podcasts is that there are so many of them! If you don’t find that one podcast suits your self-care needs, you have literally thousands of other options.

Inspirational podcasts are excellent because they can provide you with the dose of motivation you need to have a more relaxing and productive day.

If you want to start your day with inspirational podcasts, these are a few shows we recommend.

The Minimalists Podcast

Hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a more meaningful life with a focus on minimalist practices. From excessive phone use to feeling stuck and unmotivated, The Minimalists Podcast is a podcast that demands introspection.

Also, they have “Quickie” episodes, ranging from 3 – 10 minutes, which provide you with a quick dose of motivation.

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you’ve heard of the 4-hour work week, you might be familiar with author Tim Ferriss. His podcast is a continuation of his renowned practices. From finding mentors to overcoming fear, this inspirational podcast is one listeners return to again and again.

Chicken Soup for the Soul with Amy Newmark

Remember walking by these books in the bookstore or library? This podcast shares stories of adversity, love, relationships, motivation, and healing. Editor-in-chief Amy Newmark also shares tips and tricks, and interviews some of the biggest names in the self-care space.

The Daily Boost

Coach Scott Smith is the king of motivation. This podcast provides listeners with tangible tools, which enable you to live a more productive and mindful life. From eliminating distractions to discovering your purpose and passions, The Daily Boost is a podcast everyone should listen to.

20 Minutes with Bronwyn

Want to be a better communicator? Establish new habits? Simply be more practical? Speaker and coach Bronwyn Saglimbeni helps listeners to grow personally and professionally. If you’re looking to improve in a variety of areas, this podcast can give you the inspiration to do so.

Start Your Day with Inspirational Podcasts

Self-care is more important than ever before. If you want to lead a more grounded, happy, and healthy, life, it’s time to start listening to inspirational podcasts. Chances are, you’ll find yourself growing personally, professionally, and shining in ways you never expected.

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