Best Zen Podcasts of Fall 2019

best zen podcasts fall 2019

Best Zen Podcasts of Fall 2019

There’s no better time to chill out and find your zen than fall. The leaves are changing, and the world is full of opportunities for growth. These are the best zen podcasts as of fall 2019.

Why Do I Need the Best Zen Podcasts in My Life?

The simple answer: life is hard.

We’re all guilty of focusing less on our wellness and more on the things that life throws at us each and every day. Work. Parenting. Daily responsibilities. You know. In the midst of your hectic day, listening to the best zen podcasts helps you remain calm, grounded, and appreciative. By looking inwards during these calm moments, we actively improve ourselves.

We suggest giving these podcasts a listen during your commute, as you meditate, or even when you’re at work. You’ll be amazed by the power that fresh perspectives can have on your own ability to “zen out.”

Detox & Chill

This podcast is relatable. It discusses ways to achieve balance and focus on wellness when you’re working in corporate America. If you need to reflect, recharge, and work on implementing wellness practices into one’s life. We love listening to Detox & Chill at work – it provides some immediate relaxation.

Redefining Wellness

Wellness is a word that’s thrown around a lot. In the world of social media, wellness often doesn’t achieve or even look like what wellness actually means. Redefining Wellness examines emotional, spiritual, physical health, and the ways in which to achieve it. It’s a fun listen, and always leaves us feeling motivated.

The CALM & COZY Podcast

Calm and cozy. What a beautiful combination.

From practicing relaxation to implementing a sustainable self-care routine, this podcast has it all. Expect practical advice, newfound understanding, and tangible takeaways that can begin to instantly improve your life.

I Should Be Meditating with Alan Klima: Guided Mindfulness Meditation and Discussion

Breathing. Body Meditation. Spirituality. Practicing Kindness.

Feel relaxed yet?

Yes, we do too. When you need to recenter, this is one of our go-to podcasts. Think of an all-encompassing rejuvenation for the mind, body, and soul. Listen after work when you have a moment alone – it’s magical.

Simply Happy with SimplyOli

More so than ever before, our society is actively talking about mental health. This podcast discusses re-training your mindset, personal development, and emotional wellness. Simply Happy is empowering and provides listeners with tangible tools they can adopt into their own lives. If you’re ready to reflect and grow, give this one a list.

The Calm Collective

Hosted by mindfulness blogger Cassandra Eldridge, The Calm Collective discusses personal growth. Exploring topics like mind and body wellness, finding purpose, and managing grief, this podcast is reflective yet great for listeners who want to make changes in their lives. If you’re looking for a zen balance with a touch of self-improvement, this is it.

Ready to Find Your Zen?

Within these podcasts, you’re sure to not only learn more about wellness, self-care, and relaxation, but you’ll find yourself adopting these practices into your everyday life. With the best zen podcasts at your fingertips, imagine the possibilities.

Want to capture the zen techniques you hear? Be sure to use the NoteCast podcast player, where you can capture snippets, take notes, and add tags for further zen.