News Podcasts For Your Commute

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News Podcasts For Your Commute

It’s 2019, and there are so many ways to stay up to date on the news. From local to national and global news, there have never been more options. The question is, when do you actually have time to read it? During your commute, consider listening to this informative daily news podcasts.

Why Listen to News Podcasts During My Commute?

There’s no better time than during your commute to listen to news podcasts. Not only do you get to valuable information from them, but they allow you to wake up at your own pace.

Podcasts are a versatile medium, so whether you’re in your car, on a bike, or on a train, listening is effortless. With the NoteCast podcast player app, it’s even easier due to the ability to capture notes instantly using voice or touch commands.

Imagine what you could learn about the world during your commute – the possibilities are endless.

Best News Podcasts

These podcasts provide listeners with news surrounding a variety of topics. From national, political, and financial, and global news, these podcasts have everything you need to stay informed. With these podcasts in your queue, your commute will be forever improved.

The Real News Daily Podcast

This news podcast is an independent non-profit. If you’re looking for accurate information paired with excellent journalism, The Real News Daily Podcast is the non-biased news source you’ve been looking for. Funded by individuals, not corporations, this podcast covers global news every day.

Daily News Brief by TRT World

Ever wished you had a summary of the daily news in 2 minutes or less? With Daily News Brief by TRT World, you get a little bit of everything. This short and sweet podcast is perfect for your commute and gives you plenty of time to dive into your regular podcasts as well.

What Next | Daily News and Analysis

Reading the news day-after-day can feel overwhelming. The What Next | Daily News and Analysis podcast aims to make the news feel more approachable. With episodes hovering around 22 minutes, this news podcast is digestible and gets to the point.

The Intelligence

The Economist is an established magazine, and they’ve created this podcast using all of their depth of journalistic resources. Published daily, The Intelligence provides listeners with a fresh perspective on world news.

Global News Podcast

Want the top stories from renowned BBC news? Global News Podcast is published twice a day on weekdays, and daily on the weekends. Episodes are around 30 minutes each and provide a full-scope run-down of the day’s events.

WSJ What’s News

A business news podcast for those seeking daily discussions, insights, and information on business, economics, and politics. Daily happenings surely impact these issues, and WSJ What’s News does an excellent job of covering everyday economic issues through an exploratory and relevant lens.

A Better Commute with News Podcasts

People don’t tend to enjoy their commutes, but you can change that right now! For a more productive commute, turn to these informative news podcasts. Stay updated and knowledgable regarding national and global news.

Your commute won’t ever be the same.