Podcast Notes: Take Notes On Podcasts Hands-Free


Podcast Notes: Take Notes On Podcasts Hands-Free

Podcasts provide listeners all over the world a peek into their areas of interest. Regardless of your favorite genre, chances are you’d love to be able to take podcast notes when you hear something you’d like to remember. Unfortunately, the versatility of podcasts doesn’t allow for traditional methods of note-taking. Are you ready to take podcast notes? What if you could even do it hands-free?

Take Notes on Podcasts with NoteCast

NoteCast was created with podcast lovers and life-long learners in mind. EX-IQ, the developers of NoteCast, sought to solve problems that many podcast listeners experience; more specifically, podcasts provide great content and knowledge, but that knowledge isn’t accessible, easy to remember, to simple to find.

NoteCast allows listeners to take notes on their favorite podcasts. Additionally, users can also capture snippets of what they’ve heard, which are transcribed in the app and available for reference at any time. These never-before-available capabilities will revolutionize the way you listen to, learn from, engage with, and share podcasts.

How Does the NoteCast Podcast Player Take Notes?

There are two ways to take notes on podcasts using the NoteCast app.

First, let’s discuss the convenience and easy-to-use hands-free route. When connected to Bluetooth devices in your car, through the Alexa NoteCast skill, or through headphones on your morning commute, simply say “Save that!”

Then, the last 30 seconds of what you’ve heard will be transcribed and saved as a digital note. You can then add insights (notes), to these captured sections by dictating them from the “tags” screen.

You can also take podcast notes using the highlighter icon in the app. Simple push the icon, and the transcription will happen automatically. Hold down the highlighter icon for 2 seconds if you want to add a customized tag or annotation.

Where Do I Find My Podcast Notes?

Good news! The podcast notes that you capture are saved forever in the NoteCast app. You can access these notes at any time on your mobile device, and even on the easy-to-navigate NoteCast podcast website.

You can also have your notes emailed to you at a schedule of your choosing – either at the end of every day or at the end of each week. This is a great way to remind yourself of the knowledge you’ve captured in your podcast notes.

Unlock Podcasts with NoteCast

The NoteCast app allows podcast listeners everywhere to unlock their favorite shows. The ability to take notes on podcasts will forever change the way you enjoy and learn from this medium.

With NoteCast, there’s so much new knowledge available to you, at the click of a button and with the use of hands-free commands.

NoteCast is available in the App Store and on Google Play.