Take Notes Using This Podcast App

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Take Notes Using This Podcast App

There are many podcast apps out there to choose from. But have you ever thought, “I’d love to take notes on the podcasts I listen to…”? You can take notes on your favorite podcasts using the NoteCast podcast app.

NoteCast: The Podcast App for Podcast Notes

Podcast listeners enjoy podcasts for a number of reasons. Whether you listen for entertainment, knowledge, or even professional development, note-taking is something you’ve probably considered doing at one point or another.

The most popular podcast platforms have ignored this need. The fact is, people want to take podcast notes, and until now it wasn’t easy, hands-free, or even safe (while driving).

The NoteCast app changes the way you listen to and learn from podcasts.

With the click of a button, or by using the voice command, “Save that,” listeners initiate note-taking. The app transcribes the last 30 seconds of what you’ve heard and saves it as a digital note.

For context, listeners can add their own annotations to these captured insights. Listeners can also create their own tags, which enables an unprecedented level of organization.

Using the mobile and desktop interface, users can access their captured notes and annotations at any time. Listeners can also choose to have their notes emailed to them at the end of every day, or at the end of every week.

NoteCast: Testimonials & Features

You don’t have to take our word for it – people love NoteCast. Here are some reviews, collected from the app stores and from tests we’ve conducted around the country.

“Note-taking works great. Love this idea”

“I drive around all day, and this is a dream app! All the notes from my podcasts are organized!”

“The Bluetooth connectivity is awesome, and the Alexa skill is a huge plus. I love to listen to podcasts when I’m cooking!”

“I’m preparing to launch a new business in 2020. With NoteCast, I’m able to capture all of the tips and tricks I’ve heard in podcasts!”

NoteCast has been featured in a number of publications. As an organization, EX-IQ was a member of the 2019 Alexa Accelerator Class, powered by Techstars.

Other prominent podcast communities, like Discover Pods, Podnews, are all talking about the NoteCast podcast app’s note-taking capability.

NoteCast: The Podcast App for Podcast Notes

Take podcast notes. Stop forgetting all of the things you’ve learned. With NoteCast, the possibilities are truly endless.

Never again will you lose track of or forget the insights you’ve listened to in your favorite podcasts. It’s time to choose a podcast app that maximizes your potential, and that app is NoteCast.

Find NoteCast on the App Store and in Google Play.