The Best Podcasts for Women Right Now

best podcasts for women

The Best Podcasts for Women Right Now

You better believe that there are some amazingly entertaining and educational podcasts out there for women. This list focuses on podcasts made specifically for women, or are hosted by women. If you’re new to podcasts or looking for great new shows, these are the best podcasts for women.

Being Boss

This is a podcast for creative female entrepreneurs. Hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, Being Boss focuses on helping listeners understand and adopt effective business practices. By interviewing other female entrepreneurs, and offering their own advice, Shannon and Thompson have created hundreds of episodes that have millions of downloads.

Looking at the numbers alone, plus their vast knowledge, it’s undeniable that this is one of the best podcasts for women.

The Broad Experience

Women in the workplace – it’s an ever-growing topic of discussion, especially in the era of Me Too, the Women’s March, and the on-going discussions concerning women’s health and general women’s badassery. Any of those things pique your interest?

The Broad Experience is a podcast hosted by British-American journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte. From the glass ceiling to careers and motherhood, this podcast is something women have been craving for decades.

2 Dope Queens

Hosts Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are the comedy duo you’ve been looking for. 2 Dope Queens covers a range of topics, including but not limited to pop culture, living in NYC, relationships, diversity, and comedy.

Their show is contagiously loveable, and even features interviewee’s like Michelle Obama. Trust us, women of the world – you’ll love this one.

That’s so Retrograde

If you want a well-balanced mix of pop culture and wellness, That’s so Retrograde is the podcast for you. Hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari encourage mindfulness while also exploring topics like the workplace, friendship, and mental health.

For an all-around good experience, this one’s a must-listen podcast for women.

Call Your Girlfriend

This podcast features a duo that has created a podcast all women will love, especially if you have a long-distance bestie. Call Your Girlfriend is hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman. Every week, these besties call one another and talk pop culture, politics, the workplace, and highlight women who are creators and agents of change.

There’s a little bit of everything, and we LOVE IT.

Asking for a Friend

Host Lauren Conrad talks the nitty-gritty behind the life of Instagram and the portrayal of motherhood, skin care, relationships, and more. Asking for a Friend makes the “untouchable” Instagram picture more relatable; in a world where images on Insta matter, this podcast acts as a grounding force.


In case the name didn’t catch your eye – hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin tackle issues our society often skirts around, like feminism, women’s education, body image, heteronormativity, and even abortion rights. Unladylike is informative, inclusive, and equally educational.

Style Your Mind

Ever needed a pick-me-up? Life coach Cara Alwill Leyba is the one you’ve been searching for. Style Your Mind discusses mindset, reinvention, and features some enlightening and entertaining interviews. Ladies, this is the dose of motivation you’ve been seeking. Perfect after a long day with the kids or at work.

Women Love These Podcasts

If you’re seeking uplifting, entertaining, and approachable shows, these are the best podcasts for women. You’ll be podcast addicted in no time!

The only question is, which one are you going to dive into first?