10 Reasons to Become a Podcast Addict

podcast addict

10 Reasons to Become a Podcast Addict

The podcast community is growing quickly. With so many amazing creators and educational content, it’s understandably addictive. Are you new to podcasts? Here are 10 reasons to become a podcast addict.

1.) Podcasts are for Everyone

The best part about podcasts is that there’s something for everyone. Pick a podcast genre you’re interested in, and you’ll find that the options are quite endless. With something for everyone, everyone’s appetite can be satisfied.

2.) Podcasts are Educational

Roughly 33% of podcast listeners say that podcasts contribute to their intellectual growth. Due to their on-the-go capabilities and the variety of educational content available, podcasts are becoming not only a source of entertainment, but a reliable and educational one.

3.) Podcasts are Entertaining

Podcasts are a new and ever-changing form of entertainment. Not only are listeners attracted to specific shows and their hosts, but get new and updated episodes usually every week! Many podcasts are also family-friendly, which can make car rides with the kids more fun.

4.) Personal and Professional Growth

We’re all seeking convenient and accessible ways to develop ourselves personally and professionally. Podcasts have become a way for even the busiest of people. From productivity, organization, parenting, and learning about start-ups, the options are endless.

5.) Inspiration

Everyone feels stuck sometimes.

If you find yourself in a rut, podcasts are a great way to spark inspiration, creativity, and motivation. Chances are, one of your favorite journalists, artists, political figures, or comedians hosts a podcast or has been interviewed on one. With podcasts, inspiration won’t ever be more than an episode away.

6.) Optimize Your Time

You can listen to podcasts anywhere: during your commute, at work, and even while at the gym. There are endless possibilities, which means that listening to podcasts ultimately helps you use your time more efficiently.

7.) Podcasts Refresh Your Routine

Even if you don’t choose to listen to podcasts with the intention of learning, you’ll inevitably learn something. And guess what? That’s good news for your brain. Learning new things stimulates the connectivity between neurons in the brain. Generally, as we age, these connection dissipate, so knowing podcasts can create that spark again can prove to be a valuable tool.

8.) Browse: You aren’t “Stuck” Listening to 1 Show

The best part about podcasts – you can turn them on and off. If you find yourself losing interested in a particular episode or podcast altogether, there are so many more for you to discover (about 700,000). Browse and explore new shows regularly, because you never know what you might find.

9.) Listen on Mobile Devices or on a Desktop

The best podcast player apps are available on mobile devices and desktops. This versatility is vital, especially when you live an active and busy lifestyle.

10.) Podcasts are Social

Like any new type of media, podcasts are social. It isn’t uncommon to overhear friends discussing a podcast, or for listeners to attend an event where a podcast host will be. Many podcasters even go on tour and record episodes in front of their fans.

Podcasts are becoming conversation starters, talking points, and are even finding a place in businesses and classrooms.

10 Reasons to Be a Podcast Addict – Ready to Start Listening?

Yes, there are many reasons to listen to podcasts, however, these are the 10 reasons you should become a podcast addict starting today.

Podcasts as a type of media, the podcast community, and podcast listeners are changing how the world operates, learns, and seeks out entertainment for the better.

If you’re ready to start your journey with podcasts, start listening here.