What are The Best Podcasts For Me?

best podcasts for me

What are The Best Podcasts For Me?

Are you considering diving into the world of podcasts? There are many genres and thousands of shows, but don’t feel overwhelmed! If you gain an understanding of the podcast genres, you’ll never ask “what are the best podcasts for me?” again.

Understanding the Podcast Genres

Knowing the podcast genres can help you identify your areas of interest. This can help you narrow down what shows you should start listening to or provide you with some guidance on what genres you should explore next.


Under the art genre, you will find shows that discuss a range of art-related topics. From artistic movements to art history and discussions of art culture, there’s something for everyone. Even those who need help creating their own art can find podcasts just for them.


Are you an entrepreneur or simply interested in learning about startups or business culture? Business podcasts discuss research and development, finding investors, sales, marketing, and worldwide business trends.

If you’re looking for something more specific, you can find shows on women in business, business coaches, and even interview-focused shows.


The education genre of podcasts has many tunnels for listeners. Here, you can find language-learning podcasts, discussions about the education system, and education exploring specific topics, like investing, leadership, and even relationships.


Many individuals get their daily news from podcasts. The news genre covers worldwide news and news in a variety of sectors. For example, you can find tech news, political news, and also evening news shows.


Health is a broad term, and comparatively, so is this podcast genre. When exploring this podcast category, you’ll find shows on health, wellness, and fitness. You’ll also discover podcasts on mental health, meditation, and even medical podcasts.

If you’re interested in this genre, try narrowing your focus based on your interests. This will help you find shows catered to your specific needs.


This podcast genre can come in a range of forms. In the comedy genre, you’ll find standup shows, shows by comedians, those catered to adults, and those that are more kid-friendly.

TV & Film

If you love pop culture, the TV and film podcast genre is for you. You can stay up-to-date on your favorite shows, superhero’s, and universes with these podcasts. If you have a specific show in mind, try searching for it – there’s probably a podcast dedicated to it.

Games & Hobbies

Podcast listeners have a variety of passions. The games & hobbies genre caters to the many interests of podcast listeners. From sewing to cooking, and writing or running, this genre is for those seeking community, fun, and further learning.


Are you a sports lover looking for in-depth analysis or just plain commentary? You can find everything you’re looking for in the sports genre. Many of the top television networks have podcasts, and so do some pretty passionate fans; use this range to learn even more about your favorite teams.

What are the Best Podcasts For Me?

After reviewing some of the top podcast genres, you’ll undoubtedly discover that the best podcasts for you are a simple click away.

Perhaps most importantly, use a podcast player with a categories section you can explore and search. This will help you find new shows in your areas of interest.