What is a Podcatcher?

what is a podcatcher

What is a Podcatcher?

If you’re just diving into the world of podcasts, you probably have a lot of questions. Like any other technology or new industry, there are terms you’ll hear and be unfamiliar with. For example, you might hear the word “podcatcher” and have no idea what it means. Today, we’ll answer the question: What is a Podcatcher?

What is a Podcatcher?

A podcatcher is an application that listeners use to subscribe to and listen to podcasts. As a new podcast or episode is posted to a hosting site, these applications “catch” them, providing listeners with access.

Podcatchers download podcasts, but many do much more. For example, NoteCast allows listeners to capture snippets of podcasts and save them as notes.

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Why Have I Never Heard of This?

If you’re a new podcast listener, chances are you’ve never heard someone use the term podcatcher.

Unless you’re a podcast host or very familiar with the podcast industry, you probably call these applications “podcast players.” As you become more familiar with the world of podcasts, expect to hear both terms depending on who you’re speaking with.

What Makes a Podcatcher “Good”?

More so than ever before, the podcast community is demanding more from their podcast players. There are so many podcatchers, so how do you choose the one that’s best for you?

If you’re a podcast listener, there are a few things to look for in podcast players.

Is the application available on mobile devices and desktops? If so, you’re on the right track. A podcast website often has more capabilities, like the ability to search through categories more extensively or even view your listening history.

A good podcast app is user-friendly; it should be easy to navigate, use search functions, and is laid out in a hierarchy that makes sense.

Lastly, the best podcatchers aim to serve those who create podcasts – the hosts.

NoteCast is the best podcatcher for podcasters because it allows them to better understand their listeners. This application can provide insight to podcasters regarding how listeners are interacting with their content; the unique ability to see what listeners have captured can act as a guide for hosts, enabling them to create content their listeners are interested in.

Ready to Listen?

Never again will you wonder, “What is a podcatcher?”

Now that you know what a podcatcher is, and that the term is synonymous with “podcast player,” are you ready to start listening?

Make sure you have the best podcast player app on your devices and dive headfirst into the amazing, inspiring, and educational world of podcasts.