So, You’re Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

starting a podcast

So, You’re Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

Every day people all over the world are starting podcasts. Has the thought of starting your own podcast crossed your mind? Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of starting a podcast.

Starting a Podcast Takes Time

Like all good things, creating a podcast takes time. Ask yourself how much time you’re able and willing to dedicate to bringing a podcast to life. Planning a show, creating a unified theme, engaging with your listeners, and producing your podcast all take a lot of work; when you’re just starting out, all of these tasks can feel very thankless.

Consider your time and how much of it you can realistically put into creating a podcast you’re proud of.

Create a Budget

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create and produce a podcast. That being said, there are microphones and software out there which cost hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast, decide how much you’re willing to spend. Once you have a number in mind, start reading product reviews. Dive into forums or ask some of your favorite podcasters on Twitter what equipment they’re using.

When you’re just starting out, don’t feel like you have to go crazy and buy the “best” equipment. If you fall in love with podcasting (we hope you will), you can always purchase new equipment down the road.

Find Your Niche

New podcasters often make one mistake. Rather than creating something that’s theirs, they mimic what another podcaster is doing.

Now, there are a lot of podcasts out there. Roughly 700,000 to be exact. Chances are, someone might have a podcast about the same topic as you – the key is to differentiate yourself. Ultimately, listeners will fall in love with you, your ideas, and what you have to say. Don’t take that opportunity away from them by trying to be someone else.

If you’re thinking about starting a podcast, you probably have a genre or topic already in mind. Make sure it’s something you’re passionate about. Explore the podcasts that are already out there, and make space for yours to fit into (and stand out of) what already exists.

Be Willing to Learn and Listen

As a new podcaster, you’re in a unique position. Many have come before you and have walked this path. Research and learn from the mistakes of others. Ask questions and network at podcasting events, meet-up groups, and conferences.

There are some many podcasts and so many listeners. The podcast community is welcoming and supportive, so use it to your advantage! Be willing to listen. This way on launch day, your podcast will already be a few steps ahead of the crowd.

Ready to Start Making Your Podcast?

Now that you’ve considered the most important aspects of starting a podcast, are you ready to start? With podcasts, the topics and opportunities are truly endless. Keep these considerations in mind as you begin planning, recording, producing, and sharing your show with the world.

Remember to take your time and be passionate. Those two qualities will help you create something truly special.

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